Welcome to My Random Way!

Nice that you take a look around on the most versatile blog there is. Whether you are a boy or a girl, young or old, there is something here for everyone. The name My Random Way is actually an expression of who I am. I’m super random en like the most diverse things. In addition, I really follow my own way and I have a strong opinion.

They always say that you need to follow one guideline and that you need to have one subject. Well that’s something I do a little bit different. There are so many exciting and interesting things to write about, I absolutely can’t stick to just one subject. What you can expect anyway are topics like beauty, games, food, music, drawing and tips.

So enough said. Sniff around and search for something that appeals to you. Enjoy reading!

This blog is also available in Dutch on www.myrandomway.nl. Almost all the articles that are published on there are also published here. I’m born and raised in the Netherlands, but I want to improve my English. My English is not perfect, so I’m sorry! If you have any improvements, please feel free to tell me in the comment section.


There is always something here that you like.

Suggestions, tips or ideas? Let me know!


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