Spare time, the time to relax a bit on the sofa. On these moments I have the urge to look around the corner of the kitchen. Trying to find some tasty food that can fill my stomach. When I take a look at the pantry I often find out that there is not much food left, so it’s time to go shopping. Down here you will find some tasty tidbits that are easy, cheap and delicious for morning, midday and evening.


I can already soak up the atmosphere, sitting by a campfire with friends, roasting marshmallows. The problem is that I can’t set up a fire every evening outside. So my solution to that is microwaved marshmallows. I put around 5 marshmallows into a heat proof bowl and put that in the microwave. On which stand you need to set it is a bit guessing. Check after a few seconds with a fork if the marshmallows are already melted or not and tadaah a delicious tidbit.

Sandwich a la rabbit

Lettuce, cucumber all normal ingredients that almost everyone has at home. Add a hard roll and you have already an everyday sandwich. What makes this recipe perfect is a delicious cream cheese with herbs.  It’s easy, tasty and reasonably healthy.


This sounds really luxurious and  expensive, but no it isn’t. Actually it’s just a pancake with melted chocolate and if you want with fruit. The only thing you need are pancakes and a delicious jar off Nutella (or a jar from a cheaper brand). Spread out the paste over the hot pancake and add some strawberry’s.  I really love this dish. Oh and a warning; don’t eat too much of it, nausea guaranteed.

Wraps with chicken

You can fill up wraps with almost everything. Throws some ingredients on it and a big chance it taste good. Do you want to have a bit of a structure, than I have a little recipe for you. Spread out some cream cheese, after the wrap is warmed up in the microwave. Put  some lettuce and chicken breast slices on it and roll it up. It’s very simple and it fills. Do you want to make the advanced wrap, put than instead of the chicken breast slices a kip corn in it.

Fruit cup

This is typical youth sentiment for me. I got this a lot when I was little and I secretly still love it.  That doesn’t matter, because it is super healthy.  The only things you need are a banana, an orange and a rusk. You need to stomp the banana and the rusk and mix that together with the orange juice. Voila a tasty breakfast or tidbit.

I’m not a chef (far from it), but I know what tastes good.  You only need a small shopping list, so that you can eat these tidbits for weeks. Enjoy your meal!

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