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Do you also move like agent 007 the moment you wear tights? This to prevent that you are coming home with tights looking like a Swiss cheese? Yes, I recognize it. Sometimes I come up with a good idea in the morning to put some effort in my outfit. I pull a dress out of the closet in good spirits. But then of course the weather isn’t as good as I thought it would be and I realise that I need a pair of tights, to prevent a look on everybody’s face that says: “With this kind of weather bare legs?”. When I come home again, I might as well opted for bare legs, because gosh no tights seem to survive my day.

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I have finally discovered the fantastic online store Aliexpress. Don’t you know it? Don’t worry, this will come soon enough, because I am going to tell you what it is and what to look out for. A few weeks ago I also didn’t know that it existed. Now after spending a few euros, I want to make you aware of this nice way of buying cheap products!
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Spare time, the time to relax a bit on the sofa. On these moments I have the urge to look around the corner of the kitchen. Trying to find some tasty food that can fill my stomach. When I take a look at the pantry I often find out that there is not much food left, so it’s time to go shopping. Down here you will find some tasty tidbits that are easy, cheap and delicious for morning, midday and evening.
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